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WWE Raw Results and Grades 3 August 2020: Welcome to Raw Fight Club

A snippet of Raw Underground
A glimpse of Raw Underground (WWE)

WWE Raw Results and Grades: WWE had confirmed that MVP and Apollo Crews were to face off for the United States title.

However, there were some big developments ahead of this clash. WWE also confirmed that Shane McMahon was returning to Raw and there were rumours of a new faction appearing too.

Apollo Crews and MVP clashed for the US title
Apollo Crews and MVP clashed for the US title (WWE)

Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton were to face off too, but we start with the US title match on this WWE Raw results and grades piece.

Crews vs MVP

The lights weren’t working properly at the start of the show and it went out again as the two competitors entered the ring.

While MVP believed he was the true champion it was Crews who beat the his rival to win the title.

MVP blamed the conditions for the loss and wanted a rematch at SummerSlam.

Crews beats MVP

Grade B

MVP vs Crews went off well but the lights going on and off was a sign for something more to come.

Crews vs MVP at SummerSlam should be great but the lights flicking on and off was distracting.

Baszler knocks out the champion

Sasha Banks and Bayley were celebrating Banks’ win over Asuka. However, the Japanese star promised that she will have her revenge.

Shayna Baszler interrupted and knocked out Banks with a punch.

Grade B

Baszler coming into this title scene is great and she seems charged up for the gold. Asuka vs Banks should be the logical next match for the title.

Riott Squad is back

Ruby Riott was the guest on the KO Show and wanted to celebrate her wins with Liv Morgan, her former partner.

Morgan wasn’t sure of teaming up with Riott but Kevin Owens wanted the pair to try it out one more time.

The IIconics came out and slapped KO before getting attacked by Riott and Morgan. This turned into a tag match with the new team winning.

Riott and Morgan beat IIconics

Grade B

Riott and Morgan teaming up had been teased for a while, and it was great seeing the pair patch up. The new Riott Squad vs IIconics could be the next proper rivalry but we will need better matches between them.

McIntyre meets The Viper

McIntyre came out to speak about Randy Orton and put himself over by saying how hard he had worked to get to where he is.

Drew McIntyre spoke on Raw
Drew McIntyre faces Randy Orton at SummerSlam (WWE)

He also spoke about why Orton had not been fired yet. Orton agreed he should have been fired long back for all the stuff he has pulled, however, he claimed that he was more valuable to WWE than McIntyre would ever be.

McIntyre ended by saying he would destroy Orton at SummerSlam.

Grade A

Orton on the microphone these days has been gold but McIntyre was excellent too. The two should produce a great show at SummerSlam, and it will be interesting to see what else goes on.

Jax suspended; New champion

Nia Jax didn’t apologise for her attack on Pat Buck last week and was suspended indefinitely, She even attacked Buck in this segment and headbutted him before kicking him.

Nia Jax was suspended on Raw
Nia Jax was suspended on Raw (WWE)

Later on, there was a triple threat match for the 24/7 title with Akira Tozawa defeating Truth and Shelton Benjamin thanks to his Ninjas.

Grade E

Both segments didn’t really offer much. Jax getting suspended was weird as she only just arrived recently.

However, the 24/7 title match wasn’t great also and it seems WWE wants to keep this belt as it is, switching hands every two weeks or so.

Banks vs Baszler

Banks and Baszler were both able to put on their submissions in this match before Asuka took Bayley out.

This led to a DQ with Asuka wanting to face Banks at SummerSlam for the title. However, Banks said she would get the title shot if she beat Bayley next week.

Grade C

The ending of this match was questionable again and setting up Bayley vs Asuka was unnecessary. Asuka vs Banks needs to happen soon but WWE keeps pushing it with some weird and poor finishes.

Raw Underground

Shane McMahon featured in this segment as he introduced Raw Underground, a run-down warehouse with poor lighting, strippers and fighters.

Dabba-Kato, an NXT star, destroyed an opponent before the Viking Raiders did so to someone else.

Grade Z

This was weird and didn’t really cut it. We have no idea what WWE is trying to do here but it was different. However, there is no structure to all this and it is difficult to see how this can continue on the show.

Viking Raiders take on Angel Garza and Andrade

Angel Garza took on Angelo Dawkins first and he got the win over Dawkins after Montez Ford collapsed for some reason.

Ford, who was cleared by doctors, then got to face Andrade. However, he collapsed again and the match was called off.

Garza beats Dawkins

Grade E

Dawkins spoke about all this later in the show and fingers were pointed at Zelina Vega for poisoning Ford.

However, WWE played a very strange game with all this. Collapsing during mid show is a scary moment and even if this was a work, there are better ways to show that someone is poisoned.

Dominik gets Rollins

Dominik Mysterio challenged Seth Rollins for a match at SummerSlam. However, Rollins came out with Murphy and chastised Tom Phillips for putting Dominik over.

Samoa Joe took off the microphone to save Phillips before getting ready to clash in the ring. However, Dominik destroyed Rollins and Murphy with a kendo stick.

Grade B

This was a decent enough segment but Dominik is getting to use too many weapons on Rollins. Him facing a top star like the Messiah at SummerSlam is a big deal, and it will be interesting to see how this clash takes place.

Hurt Business taking over

Dolph Ziggler was shown wrestling on Raw Underground before The hurt Business came out and destroyed everyone in the area.

MVP took the microphone and claimed that they were taking over and business was booming to close out the show.

Grade C

Another segment that fell a little flat. Raw Underground isn’t the finished product yet but the initial look isn’t all that great.

Hopefully, WWE get their act together and things improve regarding Raw Underground.

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