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WWE SmackDown Results and Grades 17 July 2020: Matt Riddle gets beaten up

AJ Styles and Matt Riddle shake hands after their latest fight
AJ Styles and Matt Riddle share a moment of respect (WWE)

WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: This week’s SmackDown featured a huge match with the WWE Intercontinental title on the line.

AJ Styles had won the vacant title after a tough tournament, but he was going up against Matt Riddle. The SmackDown Stallion had beaten Styles in his debut match on SmackDown, and there was a chance h was going to be the next IC Champion.

AJ Styles is the current IC Champion
AJ Styles is the current IC Champion (WWE)

Also, with Extreme Rules just a few days away, SmackDown had to hit the ball out of the park. There were some other stories that progressed too and here are the results and grades from this week’s SmackDown.

Cesaro vs Big E

The first match of the evening saw Cesaro take on Big E. The winner of the clash would choose the stipulation for the tag team title match at Extreme Rules.

Cesaro and Big E in action on SmackDown
Cesaro and Big E in action on SmackDown (WWE)

E and Cesaro started off their fought outside the ring before moving back in. The pair traded a lot of moves and close calls before Shinsuke Nakamura got into the act.

He interfered in the clash and allowed Cesaro to hit the Neutralizer for the win. The pair then brought out a table signalling the stipulation to be a tables match.

Cesaro beats E

Grade B

Cesaro and E are two of the best in the ring and this match was a great opener. Going for the table as the stipulation was expected after what happened last week, and it will be an interesting clash at Extreme Rules.

A moment of Bliss

The five-year anniversary of the women’s evolution has been on the minds of all WWE stars, and it was the same between Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

Sasha Banks and Bayley were the guests on the show and they put up their usual fare. Asuka was also a guest on the show before a fight broke out.

A match was set up with Asuka teaming up with Cross as they took on the Golden Role Models. Bayley and Banks used a lot of dirty tactics throughout the clash and The Role Model used the ropes to get the win over Cross.

Bayley and Banks beat Cross and Asuka

Grade B

The Moment of Bliss segment wasn’t all that great but bringing Asuka into the mix was fun. Asuka and Cross teaming up was also a surprise but this was a decent match ahead of Extreme Rules where Asuka and Bayley will defend their titles against Banks and Cross respectively.

Strowman has work to do

A Firefly Fun House segment took place ahead of Braun Strowman vs John Morrison. However, this was a different take as it was placed in the swamp and claimed he would destroy the monster he created.

Strowman vs Morrison was next and the champion easily destroyed Morrison. The Monster got the pin over the high-flyer and warned Wyatt he would get the win at Extreme Rules.

Strowman beats Morrison

Grade C

The Wyatt segment felt a little flat as the same things have been said over and over again. The match too went exactly as expected, even though The Miz and Morrison tried to bring some laughter pre and post-match.

Evans looks for revenge

Lacey Evans was enraged she lost the Karaoke contest last week and came out for a clash against the winner, Naomi.

Evans used some underhand tactics as he tangled Naomi’s hair onto the ropes and then used a women’s right to get the win.

Evans beats Naomi

Grade C

This was another segment that just didn’t click, especially after last week’s contest. Naomi and Evans are quality performers but WWE just can’t get them going.

IC title clash

Riddle and Styles started off as the two traded blows. Styles targeted Riddle’s leg a few times to cut off his kicking offence.

This also set up Styles to use the calf crusher. However, Riddle was able to counter it into his own submission.

It was Styles who was able to get the win via a surprise pin and he extended his hand to Riddle as a show of respect.

However, this ended up with Baron Corbin coming out and attacking Riddle as the show ended.

Styles beats Riddle

Grade B

This was another excellent clash between the pair and they should clash in the future again. The finish was decent too as Corbin should be the next rival for the Bro.

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