Who was the one-legged wrestler that made a huge splash in WWE during the mid-2000s?

Zach Gowen was the one-legged wrestler in WWE
Zach Gowen has featured in WWE and TNA (Zach Gowen Twitter)

Zach Gowen was also the first one-legged wrestler to join WWE

WWE tried a lot of stuff during the 2000s and one was the debut of Zach Gowen. Now, Gowen was a plant in the stands as he teamed up with Mr. America (Hulk Hogan) in 2003.

However, the surprising factor in all this was that Gowen was an amputee and was wearing a prosthetic leg.

Zach Gowen has also featured in several indie promotions
Zach Gowen spent a year in WWE (Zach Gowen WWE)

Gowen wasn’t actually a plant and had trained in other promotions before signing up as WWE’s first one-legged wrestler.

While the then 20-year-old didn’t win any titles during his time in WWE, he certainly got a lot of people talking about him.

Who was Zach Gowen, the first one-legged wrestler in WWE?

Gowen was born on March 30, 1983 but was diagnosed with cancer when he was young. His left leg had to be amputated at the age of eight but that didn’t stop him from dreaming of wrestling,

He started off his career training under Truth Martini and made his debut in 2002. The American then got a lot of attention by joining TNA and wrestling against Martini.

He was offered a contract by TNA but decided not to sign it after being told that a WWE deal could be on the way.

Gowen did join the WWE first as a plant in a storyline and then teamed up with Mr. America. That saw him develop a rivalry with Vince McMahon. A storyline than continued of McMahon offering a contract to Gowen if he defeated the Big Show while teaming up with Stephanie McMahon in a handicap match.

Gowen defeated Show, with the help of a few other stars. He was involved in feuds against Brock Lesnar and Matt Hardy later on before he was released by the company in 2004.

Gowen did spend time in TNA again before spending time in Ring of Honor, Juggalo Championship Wrestling and other indie circuits too.

Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon
Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon (WWE)

The now 37-year-old hasn’t been seen much since his Juggalo Championship Wrestling days, however, he did win several titles outside of WWE.

Gowen was one of the most interesting wrestlers during his time in WWE. Unfortunately, WWE fans didn’t get to see enough of him as he was there for just under a year.

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