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Mark Henry highlights incredible reason why he didn’t kick out of Undertaker’s chokeslam

The Undertaker and Mark Henry (WWE)

Mark Henry reveals incredible reason for not kicking out of a chokeslam by The Undertaker

Speaking on the Busted Open Podcast, former WWE Superstar Mark Henry has shared some of his memories of working with The Undertaker.

Tributes have been flowing in from all quarters as ‘The Phenom’ confirmed his retirement from pro-wrestling. ‘The Boneyard Match’ against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36 in April was to be Taker’s final bout.

The undertaker Royal Rumble
The Undertaker is one of the greatest in the history of WWE (Image credit: AFP)

One of the greatest performers for WWE, The Undertaker commands great respect among his peers. And Mark Henry, who was embroiled in a huge feud with ‘The Deadman’ between 2006 and 2007, has opened up on working with the legend.

Henry revealed that he and The Undertaker were forced to work a match on very short notice, which meant they had to improvise a great deal. It was unclear as to which match Henry was referring to, but he claimed that he started to attack Taker when he was still taking his hat off in the ring.

Mark Henry and The Undertaker were involved in a heated feud in 2000s
Mark Henry and The Undertaker were involved in a heated feud in the 2000s (WWE)

This led to The Undertaker asking him what he was doing. But Henry kept at it, telling Taker to cut him off whenever he felt right. Henry feels this earned him some respect in the eyes of the legend as he didn’t come off as a ‘deer caught in headlights’.

“I was taking it to him so that he could do what he needed to do with me.”

Henry reveals why he did not kick out of chokeslam

Henry also claimed during the chat that while he wasn’t aware of how the match would go. But he knew it would be ending. The World’s Strongest man then explained why he did not agree to kick out from a chokeslam:

“He chokeslammed me, and he told me to kick out, and I rolled into the ropes. I didn’t listen to him. I rolled to the ropes and held on to the ropes, he was pulling me and kicked me, and gave me another chokeslam, and bam, one, two, three.”

Mark Henry refused to kick out of a chokeslam out of respect for The Undertaker
Mark Henry refused to kick out of a chokeslam out of respect for The Undertaker

After the fight, Henry revealed that The Undertaker confronted him backstage asking why he didn’t kick out of the first chokeslam like he was told to.

“I said, ‘I was not kicking out from the chokeslam. I respect you, I know who you are. You don’t have to do me no favours’, and that’s when he started to trust me.”

The World’s Strongest Man then added that after that one night, he and The Undertaker became good friends.

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