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WWE Raw Results and Grades 22 June 2020: Former SmackDown star challenges Drew McIntyre

Dolph Ziggler challenged Drew McIntyre for a title shot
Dolph Ziggler challenged Drew McIntyre for a title shot at Extreme Rules (WWE)

WWE Raw Results and Grades: Raw was called Championship Monday with several titles on the line.

The Raw Women’s title, the 24/7 Championship, the Raw men’s and women’s tag titles were all on the line.

The Raw tag team titles were also on the line
The Raw tag team titles were also on the line (WWE)

However, this WWE Raw results and grades piece starts off with Drew McIntyre and a surprise.

Extreme Rules challenger

WWE Champion McIntyre came out and spoke about his recent win over Bobby Lashley and MVP. Dolph Ziggler, who was brought in with Robert Roode after AJ Styles was traded to SmackDown, interrupted.

He claimed that McIntyre owed him for saving his WWE career a while back, and McIntyre accepted the title clash for Extreme Rules.

Grade A

This was short simple and to the point. Ziggler on Raw should be a great watch and bringing back their history was a good touch.

Jax protests

Nia Jax came out to the ring and was protesting the call on last week’s Raw. R-Truth claimed she was Akira Tozawa in disguise but was chased off by the ninjas.

Nia Jax attacked Charlotte Flair
Nia Jax attacked Charlotte Flair (WWE)

Jax also took a shot at Charlotte Flair getting a shot at the title. The Queen came out and the two brawled before Charlotte picked up an injury.

Grade B

Just having Jax and Charlotte would have been great, however, Truth coming out made the segment weird and a little uneven.

Raw Tag Team title match

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders finally got a chance at fighting instead of taped matches.

It were the Profits who picked up the win and retained the titles after a hard match. The two teams showed respect for each other before Angel Garza and Andrade attacked the champions.

Profits beat Vikings

Grade B

The match was decent enough but the real talking point was seeing Garza and Andrade seemingly on the same page and fighting for the tag titles.

Asuka vs Charlotte

Charlotte’s left arm was heavily bandaged after the fight with Jax, and that was the target for the champion Asuka.

Asuka picked up the win over Charlotte
Asuka picked up the win over an injured Charlotte (WWE)

It was Asuka that came out as the champion after a tough match and finally got some revenge for the recent losses.

Asuka beats Charlotte

Grade B

Asuka finally getting a clean win over Charlotte was great but there was more to come. Jax claimed she still wasn’t done and we could see more fireworks with the Irresistible Force taking on Charlotte.

Edge promises revenge

Edge sent out a pre-recorded message and confirmed he did suffer an injury. However, he ripped into Orton and claimed he would destroy the Viper from the inside.

Edge went on to say that the Rated-R Superstar had been awakened. Orton was interviewed later and said he would survive like a snake.

He also said Edge and Christian would live long lives, just by being away from him.

Grade A

This was a fantastic promo as we saw the real heel nature of Edge coming out. After Orton’s punt kick, the Rated-R Superstar came out firing and he will burn it all up once he returns.

Tozawa vs Truth

The 24/7 title was on the line as Truth defended it against Akira Tozawa. However, Bobby Lashley and MVP came out and attacked the ninjas and Truth.

This allowed Tozawa to pick up the win and become the new 24/7 champion.

Tozawa beats Truth

Grade B

This segment kept the comedy nature of Tozawa going while also showing that Lashley is still a force. Expect more shenanigans between Truth and Tozawa in the coming weeks, for sure.

Morgan vs Natalya

Lana seems to have found another wrestler to manage, Natalya. The pair came out as Natalya took on Liv Morgan.

It was Natalya who picked up the win as Lana and her new friend celebrated a lot.

Natalya beats Morgan

Grade C

This didn’t make a lot of sense as both stars pairing up does little for them now. Morgan also spoke with Ruby Riott after her loss and it will be interesting to see what is next for them.

Show calls out Orton

As Ric and Orton were out celebrating the “Greatest Wrestler Ever”, the Big Show came out. He wanted to avenge what happened to Edge and Christian.

Orton warned Show that he is a legend and the Viper was enjoying becoming the legend killer again. He also claimed that whatever happens to Show from now on is the Giant’s fault.

Grade B

Orton was again top on the microphone but pairing him off against Show isn’t all that great. However, this is one way to keep Orton busy with a veteran WWE star. Edge vs Orton round 3 should be great, but Orton has big plans for the time being.

Women’s tag team titles

It was Bayley and Sasha Banks facing off against the IIconics. The Role Models were just about able to keep hold of their titles but more was to happen.

Asuka was then challenged by Banks as she wanted a second belt, just like Bayley. The Raw women’s champion came out and accepted the clash before being attacked by the tag champs.

Banks and Bayley beat IIconics

Grade B

Banks vs Asuka should be a decent feud. However, the match between the two tag teams wasn’t all that great.

Crews in action

MVP wanted Apollo Crews to join his growing team, but the US Champion declined. This allowed Shelton Benjamin to attack Crews, but he was unable to pick the win as the champion fought back for the win.

Lashley then came out and put on the full nelson on Crews.

Crews beats Benjamin

Grade C

Crews being targeted by MVP was the main story here, and Lashley might have the US Title in his sights next.

Mysterio is back

Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik, came out to Raw before Seth Rollins made his way to the ring. Rollins claimed he would take out the father-son duo as Austin Theory and Murphy walked out. However, Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo came out to level up the playing field.

The quartet tried to injure Rollins’ eye, similar to what had been done to Mysterio. But, Murphy and Theory made the save as the trio ran off.

Grade B

This was a smart move to bring back Black and Carrillo. It seems set that the two teams will feud and it will be interesting to see how Dominik features in all this.

WWE Raw TV ratings and viewership

Showbuzz Daily (h/t WrestleInc) brought in an average of 1.92million viewers over the three hours.

This was built as Championship Monday as several titles were on display. However, the viewership was lower than last week’s show.

The first hour brought in the peak of 2.04m while the final hour saw 1.78m viewers. The second hour brought in 1.95m viewers.

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