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Matt Riddle predicts three championship scenarios for himself at WrestleMania 37

Matt Riddle wants to win some titles at WrestleMania 37
Matt Riddle is a former NXT Tag champion (WWE)

Former UFC star Matt Riddle is enjoying his time on SmackDown and had some great predictions for WrestleMania 37

Ariel Helwani brought in former UFC star Matt Riddle on his MMA show and it was a fun segment.

Riddle was fired from the UFC for marijuana use but he was one a four-fight win streak. However, he didn’t let that affect him as the Original Bro worked hard in the indies and is now on SmackDown.

Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle are former NXT Tag Champions
Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle formed a crazy tag team on NXT before being disbanded (WWE)

Riddle made his name in the indies and was excellent on WWE NXT. He was recently called up to SmackDown but is yet to fight on the Blue Brand.

Helwani decided to ask him about what his prediction would be for WrestleMania 37. While the grand event is 10 months away, Riddle had a few scenarios in place, one with his former tag team partner Pete Dunne.

Matt Riddle wants to win some titles at WrestleMania 37
Matt Riddle is a former NXT Tag champion (WWE)

Dunne is stuck in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic, but wanted to a tag title with him

“Realistically, I think I am either if Stallion Pete comes back into the country, maybe Stallion Pete comes up to SmackDown, we win the tag titles, maybe.

“Or, I am the Intercontinental Champion by then or something. I feel like that’s more realistic.”

Teasing a clash for the main title

However, Riddle also had a dream scenario of facing off for the WWE title after winning the Royal Rumble. He didn’t want to name who he was to face, but by his tone, he might have been referring to Brock Lesnar.

“Dream scenario, I win the Royal Rumble, and then from winning the Royal Rumble, I am not going to mention his name. But, he might be champion. Face him at WrestleMania and I beat him for the title.”

Winning the Intercontinental title would be great in his first year on SmackDown for Riddle, and the Original Bro also claimed that being at WrestleMania would be a great feat.

Brock Lesnar faces Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36
Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman during a Raw event (WWE)

Riddle also spoke about how great it would be for him to retire Lesnar in WWE. However, he meant that in a respectful way as Lesnar has been incredible both in the WWE and UFC.

The Original Bro also claimed that he wasn’t all that keen on fighting Goldberg and would prefer to face Lesnar over Goldberg.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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