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WWE Raw Results and Grades 15 June 2020: Who did Randy Orton punt kick next?

Randy Orton came out to open this week's Raw
Randy Orton came out to start this week's Raw (WWE)

WWE Raw Results and Grades: Randy Orton was back on Raw after his win over Edge in a tough match at Backlash.

However, the Viper was called out by one of Edge’s friends and there was a lot of action on this week’s show.

Christian Cage came out on Raw
Christian Cage came out to face Randy Orton on Raw (WWE)

Asuka also had to defend her title on the show, however, we start with WWE Raw results and grades piece with the Viper.

Captain Charisma is here

Orton opened the show and confirmed that Edge suffered a torn tricep. He gloated about winning and added that Edge finally had some closure.

Christian came out and claimed Edge would be back for revenge. However, Orton offered Christian one more match, an unsanctioned one, and wanted confirmation by the end of the night.

Grade B

Edge injured does throw a spanner in the works but if Christian does make a return, he would certainly get a huge pop from the fans.

Problems in Vega’s clan

Zelina Vega accompanied Angel Garza as he faced Kevin Owens. However, Andrade came out a minute later and Owens took advantage of this distraction.

Vega was unhappy at all this and left, which didn’t help Garza as he lost. However, Vega returned and told Andrade and Garza to get their act together.

Owens beats Garza

Grade B

The split between Garza and Andrade is going to happen soon it seems, and that would be a travesty given how talented all three people are.

Trouble in paradise

MVP and Bobby Lashley were speaking about why the All Mighty lost and MVP blamed Lana. The Ravishing Russian was out in the ring and was unhappy at being banned from ringside at Backlash.

MVP and Bobby Lashley after Backlash
MVP and Bobby Lashley were upset over the loss at Backlash (WWE)

However, Lashley came out and said he wants a divorce from the Russian.

Grade B

This was bound to happen, and WWE seem to have done a great job by pairing Lashley with MVP. Hopefully, the Lana storyline is done with sooner rather than later.

Profit Raiders vs Ninjas

The Street Profits and Viking Raiders teamed up to face Akira Tozawa’s ninjas again, and it were the Profit Raiders that came out victorious.

Big Show also came out to help them as Tozawa and the tallest ninja were left on the ramp.

Profit Raiders win

Grade D

The segment at Backlash was questionable and this just didn’t click at all. Raiders vs Profits needs to happen for the titles, and WWE is pushing that back for no reason.

Dominik Mysterio attacks Rollins

Seth Rollins came out to address Rey Mysterio and his son. However, Mysterio spoke on the big screen and warned Rollins not to include his son in all this.

Rollins said he would make an example of Dominik if he interfered and the rising star attacked Rollins before running off.

Grade B

Rollins as a heel is exceptional and he was brilliant in this segment too. Dominik also looked good as he avoided Rollins’ minions and escaped.

IIconics in action

The IIconics faced off against Natalya and Liv Morgan. The IIconics missed out on the tag titles on Sunday, but got the win over Natalya and Morgan.

IIconics beat Morgan and Natalya

Grade B

The IIconics getting the win keeps pushing them, and it will be interesting to see if they get another shot at Banks and Bayley’s titles.

Crews picks up a win

Apollo Crews faced off against Shelton Benjamin after turning down an offer to join MVP. Crews picked up the easy win over Benjamin as MVP kept scouting the US Champion backstage.

Crews beats Benjamin

Grade C

The match wasn’t all that great despite both stars giving it their all. Crews joining MVP’s crew should be great, especially with Lashley in the gang already.

Two titles on the line

Drew McIntyre and 24/7 Champion R-Truth teamed up against Bobby Lashley and MVP. The match saw the WWE and 24/7 titles being defended. However, Lashley and MVP couldn’t take advantage of this as Truth and McIntyre won.

McIntyre and Truth beat MVP and Lashley

Grade C

Putting the 24/7 title on the line didn’t make sense but this was a fun match. However, it didn’t increase the rivalry between Lashley and McIntyre.

Asuka vs Jax

Nia Jax and Asuka fought once more to find the winner after Backlash’s double count-out. However, Asuka got the roll-up win but there was a lot of controversy.

Jax was arguing with the referee and the ref who called a quick-count for Asuka’s win after being pushed.

Asuka beats Jax

Grade B

The match ending in such a way keeps the door open for a third match between the pair. Jax didn’t lose cleanly and it will be interesting to see what is next.

Christian vs Orton

Christian spoke with Ric Flair and Big Show but he still accepted the challenge. He came out wearing his street clothes and before the bell rang, Flair came up and tried to convince his from not facing Orton.

However, Flair hit Christian with a low blow before Orton punt kicked him for the win.

Christian was also taken off on a stretcher with a neck brace.

Orton beats Christian

Grade B

We didn’t get an epic match between the two but this was possibly the best segment possible. Orton looked a little upset at having to do the kick, and it will be interesting to see who is the next challenger for Orton.

WWE RAW TV viewership and ratings

Raw brought in an average of 1.94million viewers over the three hours, which was an increase over recent shows (h/t F4Online).

The show had 1.98m viewers in the first hour, 2.00m in the second and 1.84m viewers in the final hour.

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