WWE Backlash 2020 Results and Grades: Who won the Greatest Wrestling Match?

Edge vs Randy Orton was the main event at Backlash 2020
Edge had defeated Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

WWE Backlash 2020 Results and Grades: WWE Backlash featured Edge vs Randy Orton in the main event and was dubbed as the greatest wrestling match ever.

However, there were many titles defended on the PPV too. Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman and Apollo Crews all put their titles on the line.

Apollo Crews got the better of Andrade
Apollo Crews defeated Andrade to keep his title (WWE)

Asuka put her Raw Women’s title on the line too while Bayley and Sasha Banks had to fight in a triple threat match to keep their titles.

WWE Backlash had some incredible matches and here are the results and grades.

Crews vs Andrade

The US Title was on the line as Crews defended his title against the former champion Andrade.

Kevin Owens joined up the commentary team and he had a role to play. KO took out Angel Garza as he tried to help Andrade, and Crews kept the title.

Crews beats Andrade

Grade B

This was a great match to start off the show as both stars did their best. KO being added to the mix was fun as Garza took a stunner during the clash.

Women’s Tag Team Triple Threat match

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross faced the IIconics, and Bayley and Banks for the titles. The match was filled with a lot of craziness and mix-ups due to the triple threat rules.

Sasha Banks and Bayley kept hold of their titles
Sasha Banks and Bayley kept hold of their titles (WWE)

It seemed that Bliss was going to pick up the titles before Banks stole the win via a sneaky pin.

Banks and Bayley retain their titles

Grade B

The match saw all three teams do their best to win the titles, and WWE did well not to mess this up. Bayley and Banks used their sneaky ways to keep the titles.

Hardy vs Sheamus

Sheamus finally got a chance to exact revenge after getting dunked with urine on SmackDown by Jeff Hardy.

The Celtic Warrior got his win over Hardy thanks to a few Brogue Kicks, but he was hit by everything that Hardy had in his arsenal.

Sheamus beats Hardy

Grade B

The match was decent enough as Hardy tried to get the win. However, there were a couple of missed spots which could have ended up badly.

The story leading to the match wasn’t all that great. However, the match wasn’t a disappointment.

Asuka vs Jax

The Raw Women’s title was on the line as Nia Jax tried to use her size against the champ Asuka. However, the Japanese star attacked Jax with several submission holds and kept the crown.

Both stars were fighting outside the ring and were counted out.

Grade C

WWE ending matches this way doesn’t make for good reading, and well, no one came out on top in all this.

Strowman vs Miz and Morrison

Miz and John Morrison debuted their new single before taking on Universal Champion Strowman in a handicap match for the title.

Miz and Morrison were also told that the one who pinned Strowman would win the title, and that led to some confusion in the end.

Strowman took advantage of this and kept his title.

Strowman beats Miz and Morrison

Grade B

The match was going on well as Miz and Morrison did well to wear down the monster. However, Miz got too greedy with the titles on the line and it cost them.

McIntyre vs Lashley

MVP was seen preparing for a celebration as Bobby Lashley tried to take the title from McIntyre.

Lashley attacked McIntyre before the ref sounded the bell, and he dominated the clash after that. However, Lana came out to cause a distraction which helped McIntyre keep his title.

McIntyre beats Lashley

Grade B

The attack before the match could have cost McIntyre, but he kept the title and Lashley will be questioning his links with Lana after the match.

Raw Tag Titles

The Street Profits and the Viking Raiders started a brawl in the backstage region with a lot of props and madness.

However, Akira Tozawa came out with a group of Ninjas and the two tag teams joined forces to take them out.

The rivalry continued as they escaped in a truck and then were thrown into a dumpster before deciding to continue fighting another day.

Grade C

Cinematic matches are always a risk and this was a little out of the blue. Raiders vs Profits has a great match in them and making it so weird didn’t actually make a lot of sense.

Edge vs Orton

The pair put on a classic as they tried everything in their arsenal to get the win. Orton and Edge brought it all out and this was different from their clash at WrestleMania.

Orton and Edge also used their signature moves and finishers on each other, but both would kick out time and again.

It was Orton who got the win in the end as he brought out the punt kick and he told Edge to say hi to his family from Orton’s side.

Orton beats Edge

Grade A

This was a great match that just felt a little too long. Edge and Orton aren’t technical artists on the mat, so this didn’t always sit right.

Edge and Randy Orton faced off at Backlash
Edge had defeated Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

This wasn’t the greatest wrestling match ever, but the two tried a lot and it almost worked.

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