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“I am picturing the movie Cast Away” – Chael Sonnen’s hilarious take on what UFC Fight Island could be

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Chael Sonnen shared his hilarious take on what UFC Fight Island could be

UFC legend Chael Sonnen shared his thoughts on what Fight Island could be. Dana White, the UFC President, got a lot of people talking when he revealed that the promotion is planning to hold international fights on an island.

Dana White cancelled UFC 249 but has confirmed two Fight Night events
UFC President Dana White attends the grand opening night for “R.U.N – The First Live Action Thriller” (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil)

This measure was taken during the coronavirus outbreak for international fighters who couldn’t come to the United States.

While White suggested that Fight Island was almost ready, no news has come out regarding the actual location.

Sonnen, however, had his take and shared his opinion on what Fight Island could be:

“What does it look like for me is nothing short of fascinating. Nobody knows where this is.”

Although Sonnen claimed that this wasn’t supposed to be a secret, the media, including the UFC legend, were guilty of hyping it up a lot.

“This looks like a logistical nightmare to me. However, I have never been to an island.”

Sonnen added that he could only connect what he knew about an island and went a little overboard:

“I am picturing nothing. I am picturing sand, I am picturing the movie Cast Away, I am picturing the book, Lord of the Flies.”

Costa Rica and Hawaii

Sonnen then turned things around and claimed that the island could also mean Costa Rica or Hawaii which has schools and ton of people too. However, he still couldn’t get his head over the word ‘private island’.

“When I head ‘private island’ I think of nothing but sand. And the UFC coming in and building an infrastructure.

“Where do you start? Where do you stop rather? You need to have a city, somewhere to stay. Medical personnel, setup tents.”

Sonnen did speak about setting up a resort in Costa Rica away from it all but highlighted that everything had to be included in that resort and there was nothing outside of it.

Chael Sonnen believes Vladimir Putin could help out in UFC 249 taking place
Chael Sonnen arrives at the Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2011 at the Palms Casino Resort (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

He did say that such locations have their problems, such as in medical emergencies but shared what Paige VanZant was offered in her fight contract.

The location of Fight Island was just named as Fight Island and the secret location remains that, a secret.

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