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Lio Rush hits out at another wrestling personality after Mark Henry squabble

Lio Rush WWE
Lio Rush was released by WWE in April (Image credit: WWE)

Lio Rush has someone else in his sights

Former WWE star Lio Rush is paying attention to the headlines that Jim Cornette is getting and he doesn’t appreciate what he’s reading. The Man Of The Hour fired back at Cornette, but he received quite a response.

Rush stated that he’s sick of “idiots” like Jim Cornette. He said that they spew “sh*t out of their mouths” while thinking that people won’t say anything back to them.

Lio Rush WWE
Lio Rush was released by WWE in April (Image credit: WWE)

“I’m tired of idiots like @TheJimCornette spewing shit out of there mouths and thinking people won’t say/do something back”

Cornette returned fire by calling Lio Rush a “mental case.” Then he proceeded to take a dig at Lio while asking if he found himself in “another prelim spot you can f*** yourself out of.”

He even suggested he could destroy Rush and told the former WWE star to enjoy “obscurity” since he earned it.

Lio Rush is a former Cruiserweight champion
Lio Rush was also the manager of Bobby Lashley for a while (WWE)

Rush releases album

Former Cruiserweight Champion Rush was laid off by WWE as part of the company’s pandemic-related cost-cutting measures. He’s not itching to get back in the ring, happy to focus on life at home and other creative outlets.

Rush released his 13-song album, Ever After, earlier this week, and he is grateful for the chance to share his creation. “This music opens up the portal to my soul,” said Rush.

“These are all my real experiences, and I did my best to be as vulnerable as possible. In my wrestling career, a lot has been said about me. I wanted people to see another layer of me through my music.”

Keith Lee and Lio Rush
Keith Lee and Lio Rush won a tag match on NXT (Image credit: WWE)

Rush wrote all of the music and pieced together the album over the past six months. His partner in the project, like in life, is his wife.

“My wife, Sarah, she’s been through every part of my wrestling career with me, every step of the way,” said Rush.

“She is my biggest support system, and she’s also really talented. She helped out a lot with this album, and she came up with the concept and parts of the lyrics to ‘Ever After,’ the last song on the album.”

Rush had earlier lashed out at Mark Henry too, regarding some statements made by the WWE Hall of Famer.

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Written by Chinmay Athreya

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