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WWE NXT Results and Grades 13 May 2020: How did Imperium win the NXT tag titles?

Barthel and Aichner are new champions on NXT
The Imperium picked up the NXT tag titles on this week's show (WWE)

WWE NXT Results and Grades: WWE NXT had teased a couple of big matches ahead of this week’s show.

Finn Balor was going to take a detour and fight Cameron Grimes, despite him being attacked a few weeks back.

Barthel and Aichner are new champions on NXT
The Imperium picked up the NXT tag titles on this week’s show (WWE)

The other big match was for the tag team titles with Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle defending it against Imperium.

The NXT UK faction have been very impressive in recent weeks and this is where we start off with this week’s grades and results.

Tag titles on the line

Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner were representing Imperium against the NXT tag champions. Riddle and Thatcher seem to be polar opposites, but they have done well since being teamed up.

Thatcher is the replacement for Pete Dunne in this team, and he finally snapped in this clash. Thatcher walked out after being inadvertently hit by a move from Riddle, and the Original Bro was left to fight on his own.

Riddle lost the titles but there was more to come.

Aichner and Barthel beat Riddle and Thatcher

Grade B

This was bound to happen to sooner or later with Thatcher not being on board with the Bro. Imperium looked great and Aichner and Barthel should be seen on NXT more.

However, Riddle wanted a match with Thatcher later in the evening, and that was granted.

Nox vs Hartwell

Indi Hartwell was in action on NXT against Tegan Nox and took the fight to her experienced rival. Hartwell seemed to have an answer for everything, but Nox hit the Shiniest Wizard for the win.

Nox beats Hartwell

Grade B

Hartwell looked great again, even in a losing cause, while this match proved that Nox can find a way to win from nowhere.

Nese vs Atlas

The cruiserweight championship continued with Tony Nese taking on Jake Atlas. Nese had already been eliminated from the championship and despite putting up a fight against Atlas, he was beaten.

Atlas used his Rainbow DDT to pick up the win and stay in the tournament.

Atlas beats Nese

Grade C

Nese getting beat is a bit of a downer given how talented he is. However, Atlas continues to impress and we should see him more in the coming months.

Balor vs Grimes

Grimes tried to take Balor out early but the Demon avoided it. It was Balor who dominated the rest of the match but things changed when Damian Priest came out. He hit Balor with his nightstick and allowed Grimes to pick up the win via the Cave-in.

Further, Priest attacked Balor after the match and sat on him via a steel chair before saying he attacked the Demon.

Grimes beats Balor

Grade B

The match was set to be great before Priest came up with the assist. Grimes is an amazing performer who just isn’t getting the time he deserves on the show.

Damien Priest attacked Finn Balor
Damien Priest attacked Finn Balor (WWE)

However, it will be interesting to see how Balor vs Priest goes in the future.

Gallagher vs Scott

Isaiah Scott was to take on Jack Gallagher, and it was Gallagher that started brightly. However, Nese came out and attacked Scott.

That handed the advantage to Gallagher, who just about did enough to pick up the win.

Gallagher beats Scott

Grade C

The match was short and sweet with Nese providing the assist. Gallagher got a much-needed win while we might see Nese vs Scott building up in the coming days.

Aliyah flops again

Kayden Carter took on Aliyah as the pair started exchanging blows throughout the match. Aliyah seemed set to pick up the win but decided to impress Robert Stone.

He was out there scouting Aliyah, but she missed with a move and lost the match.

Carter beats Aliyah

Grade C

Aliyah deserves much better than what she is being involved in, as she is a great performer. However, it will be interesting to see how Stone deals with this loss. He only has Chelsea Green in his stable and looked disappointed when Aliyah missed her moves.

Riddle vs Thatcher

Riddle and Thatcher came out firing on all cylinders after what happened earlier. However, it was Thatcher who started taking control by stomping on Riddle’s feet.

Riddle was able to somehow land a quick pin when both men were trying their moves. Thatcher was upset at this and latched and armbar onto Riddle, and did not let go with Riddle screaming in pain.

Timothy Thatcher tried to rip off Matt Riddle's arm
Timothy Thatcher tried to rip off Matt Riddle’s arm (WWE)

Riddle beats Thatcher

Grade B

With Dunne out for a while, this seems to be a smart move from WWE. Riddle vs Thatcher should be a great rivalry and it will be interesting to see how this goes.

NXT TV ratings

AEW Dynamite got the better of NXT again as the WWE brand only got in 604,000 viewers. Dynamite, for their part, got in 654,000 viewers and they beat NXT for the fourth straight week.

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