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WWE WrestleMania 36 results, winners, grades and reaction Day 2: McIntyre slays the Beast

Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar was the main event on day 2 of WrestleMania 36
Drew McIntyre faces off against Brock Lesnar (WWE)

WWE WrestleMania 36 results, winners, grades and reaction Day 2: The two-day WrestleMania came to a close and could be considered as a success, given the quality of action we have seen.

Sure, there were no fans inside the arena and the large spectacle of WrestleMania was turned down a bit due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that didn’t stop the wrestlers from putting on a show.

There were nine matches on the second day of WrestleMania 36 too, and here are the results:

Natalya vs Liv Morgan

WWE always puts on a kickoff match and this time we had two women fighting it out.

Liv Morgan has turned into a face in recent weeks and bore the brunt of an aggressive Natalya’s attacks.

It seemed that Natalya wanted to submit Morgan too, but she held on. In the end, it was Morgan who picked up the win thanks to some quick work on the mat.

Morgan beats Natalya

Grade C

The match was alright given that both performers put on a great show, but there was no real story behind this.

Unlike yesterday, Gulak vs Cesaro had some heat to it, but this did nothing for either woman in terms of storyline.

NXT Women’s title match

Charlotte Flair came out to challenge Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women’s title. Flair, who won the 2020 Royal Rumble, targetted Ripley’s knee time and again.

The champion did her best to fight out and had some great moves which caught Flair out. This was a back and forth match as both stars brought out the physicality, and it seemed that a hobbling Ripley would get the better of Flair.

However, the Queen pulled out a figure eight in the end, and Ripley had to tap out.

Flair beats Ripley

Grade A

This was a fantastic match with both stars giving it their all. Flair might have won the title and should move to NXT, which will be great with the brand, however, Ripley proved she can hang out with the best.

The Aussie might have only recently won the title from Shayna Baszler, but a rematch against Flair should be on the cards.

Black vs Lashley

This match also didn’t have any heat to it but had two stars trying to pick up WM wins. Aleister Black has been impressive in recent weeks but Bobby Lashley came flying out of the blocks.

Aleister Black faced off against Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 36
Aleister Black faced off against Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

The All-Mighty was supported by Lana at ring side and seemed set for a huge win over the impressive Black.

He was setting up for a finisher but Lana wanted him to go for a spear instead. Black countered, hit the Black Mass and celebrated his first WrestleMania win.

Black beats Lashley

Grade B

The match itself wasn’t bad but having no real story behind it doesn’t help. Black looked impressive, once again, while Lashley and Lana seem to be hitting some marriage problems already.

Otis vs Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler came out to the ring with Sonya Deville as he took on Otis in a grudge match.

Otis had been tormented by the pair as his date with Mandy Rose went horribly wrong, and the Heavy Machinery member came flying off the gates.

Otis finally got one over Dolph Ziggler
Otis finally got one over Dolph Ziggler (WWE)

He destroyed Ziggler with a lot of strong moves and seemed set for a win before Deville distracted him.

Ziggler then hit a low blow with the referee distracted and almost scored the win before Rose came out and slapped Deville, her former best friend.

Rose then hit Ziggler with a low blow too and that allowed Otis to hit the Caterpillar for the win.

Otis and Rose celebrated after the match with the pair kissing to end the segment.

Otis beats Ziggler

Grade A

The result, ending and the match went exactly the way it should have. There wasn’t a lot of wow moments in terms of action in the ring, but seeing Otis finally win over Rose was the ideal outcome.

The two enjoying a kiss was even great, and WWE got most things right about this clash for sure.

Last Man Standing

The bad blood between Edge and Randy Orton was finally let out in a Last Man Standing match.

Orton attacked Edge early on as he hit several RKOs but couldn’t keep his opponent down. The empty arena ensured that the stars fought in several locations including a gym, an office and on top of a truck too.

Neither man could keep the other down for long and Orton started suffering from the effects of a rib injury in the clash. It seemed that the Viper was about to land a con-chair-to to Edge but that was reversed quickly.

Edge hit one of his own to the Viper and the referee counted to win before the victor emotionally put his head on Orton’s.

Edge beats Orton

Grade A

The match felt a little long as the fight spilled into several areas but this was still fun to watch. Edge didn’t look out of place in a long match but this would have been helped with the fans in the arena.

The ending might have been a little emotional, but this just showed how much Edge was pushed to the brink by Orton.

Raw tag team title match

The Street Profits defended their titles against the pair of Austin Theory and Angel Garza.

Zelina Vega was with the challengers too and this match allowed all four men to showcase their best.

However, the Street Profits picked up the win but were attacked by Garza and Theory.

Bianca Belair then came out to make the save for her husband, Montez Ford, and Angelo Dawkins and she slammed Vega too.

Street Profits beat Theory and Garza

Grade C

The match felt a little out of place because there was no real rivalry between the four men. Profits keeping the title was right but seeing Belair make an appearance should mean she will be on Raw and possibly fight for the Raw Women’s title too.

Fatal-5-way match for SmackDown Women’s title

Bayley had it all to do in hopes of keeping her SmackDown Women’s title as she went up against four other women.

Fatal 5-way for the SmackDown women's title
Bayley kept hold of her title at the Fatal-5-way clash (WWE)

Her best friend, Sasha Banks, was also in the clash and the others involved were Tamina, Lacey Evans and Naomi.

Tamina was first eliminated before Naomi got the boot too. The big story came out as there was miscommunication between Banks and Bayley which gave Evans a slight advantage.

The Southern Belle eliminated Banks, but she couldn’t capitalise and win the title. Banks came back to lay out Evans as Bayley kept hold of her title.

Bayley wins Fatal-5-way

Grade B

The match went pretty well as all the stars had some huge moments to show. It seemed that the friendship between Banks and Bayley was all but done during the final moments, but the Boss came back to save the champion.

Firefly Fun House match

John Cena and Bray Wyatt went for a ride in the Firefly Fun House match. No one knew what was going to happen in the clash, but this was some brilliant storytelling by the WWE creative team.

John Cena went through the motions in the Firefly Fun House match
John Cena went through the motions in the Firefly Fun House match (WWE)

Like the Boneyard match, we got to see WWE creative do their bit as Wyatt took Cena through time and all his different gimmicks and avatars during his long WWE stay.

Wyatt taunted and teased Cena with the Doctor of Thugonomics route, his bullying of stars in the past, the way he beat Wyatt at WM 30, it was a sight to behold.

Cena even became a member of the nWo with Wyatt portraying Eric Bischoff, this was crazy to say the least.

The former champion then had enough and started hammering Wyatt, but that turned out to be one his puppets.

The Fiend came out to smash Cena to bits before pinning him and Wyatt making the count.

Wyatt beats Cena

Grade A

This clash was off the charts thanks to the storytelling. It might not be a classic wrestling match, but boy did we get a great look at Cena and what all he has gone through,

Wyatt really turned it up with his acting too and this certainly was an enjoyable ride. This is a classic which will be spoken off for years and WM 36 certainly has some great matches too.

WWE Championship match

Drew McIntyre finally got his hands at WWE champion Brock Lesnar after winning the 2020 Royal Rumble.

Lesnar hit an F-5 after getting hit by a claymore, but could not keep McIntyre down. The Beast started losing control of his emotions as McIntyre kept kicking out of Brock’s finishers.

That got him frustrated and McIntyre took advantage by hitting three claymores to finally win the big prize in WWE.

McIntyre beats Lesnar

Grade B

The result was expected with WWE pushing McIntyre hard in recent weeks. However, the match was certainly quality as it showed that Lesnar has a weak point, he gets frustrated if things don’t go his way.

McIntyre took advantage of that and now we have a new WWE Champion.

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