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WWE Raw results, winners, grades, highlights and reaction 2 March 2020

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction 2 March 2020: Randy Orton attacks Beth Phoenix

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction: This was the final Raw episode before Elimination Chamber and the road to WrestleMania 36 was also closing in.

The talk had been about Brock Lesnar destroying Ricochet at Super Showdown, and the start of this episode also featured the WWE champion.

Drew McIntyre Brock Lesnar WWE highlights
Drew McIntyre faces Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

Drew McIntyre came out and refuted claims from Paul Heyman that the WrestleMania 36 bout wasn’t going to be great.

He hit a claymore on Lesnar and then hit a couple more later when The Beast reached the ramp.

Grade A

Heyman was great with his promo again but the real hero was McIntyre. Lesnar looked vulnerable while the Scottish star could actually pose a real fight at WrestleMania.

Belts change hands

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins got a chance at the Raw tag team titles. Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy also brought in the AOP for some support but that distraction helped the challengers.

Kevin Owens stunned Rollins which allowed the challengers to pick up the title.

Rollins wanted a rematch against the Street Profits at Elimination Chamber and wanted to fight Owens anytime.

Street Profits beat Murphy and Rollins

Grade B

This was another great segment as KO got the better of Rollins while The Street Profits finally won the title.

The Elimination Chamber match will also be great and maybe KO will have a hand in that too.

Ricochet loses again

Ricochet seems to be in a slump now. He was demolished by Lesnar at Super Showdown and lost to Riddick Moss, while suffering from his earlier beat down.

Moss beats Ricochet

Grade D

This one made little sense. Ricochet might have lost to Lesnar but there was no need to make him fight again.

Moss looked good, and kept hold of the 24/7 title.

Black vs The OC

Aleister Black had to take on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in separate singles matches before facing AJ Styles.

The Dutchman beat Anderson easily and was given a DQ win over Gallows as the OC pounced on him.

Aleister Black vs the OC WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction 2 March 2020
Aleister Black took on all three members of the OC (WWE)

Styles picked up the win in the end and even mocked the Undertaker by doing the Rest in Peace cover.

Black beats Anderson, Black beats Gallows, Styles beats Black

Grade B

This was another way to continue the feud between Styles and Black. It was a little weird that Black’s winning streak was ended this way, maybe they could have given him the DQ at the end too and made The OC look even bigger heels.

Sarah Logan gets a new job

Sarah Logan was the special guest referee in a clash between the other Riott Squad members.

Ruby Riott took on Liv Morgan, and Logan had a role to play in the clash. She was a fair referee down the line but things got physical and Logan fast-counted a pin from Morgan as she won.

Logan then beat down the other two members of the former Riott Squad.

Morgan beats Riott

Grade C

This was an OK segment but it could have been better if Riott and Morgan got to fight a bit more.

The Elimination Chamber match will be interesting to see, especially with so much on the line.

Shayna Baszler in action

Asuka spoke about facing Shayna Baszler but it was her partner, Kairi Sane who got her hands on the former NXT champion.

Becky Lynch was on commentary too and it was Baszler who impressed by picking up the win.

Baszler beats Sane

Grade A

Sane has been mostly seen in tag matches but she is great as a singles competitor too. This was a great match between two quality competitors.

Baszler will get her hands on Lynch, and that will be another tasty clash too.

Mysterio and Carrillo vs Andrade and Garza

Zelina Vega brought out both her clients with Andrade and Angel Garza teaming up. They faced off against Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo in a tag match.

Angel Garza Humberto CArrillo
Angel Garza was in action on this week’s Raw (WWE)

The match was one of the highlights from this weeks WWE Raw, and the four should fight more.

It were the faces that picked up the win when it seemed like Garza and Andrade would pick up the win, and Vega was not happy about the result.

Mysterio and Carrillo beat Andrade and Garza

Grade B

The rivalry between the quartet continues and it will be interesting to see what happens next with the four of them.

Garza is an excellent addition to the Raw brand, and with Vega and Andrade, the trio could be a top heel act.

Orton comes clean

Beth Phoenix came out to provide an update on her husband Edge after Randy Orton attacked him with a couple of chairs.

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction 2 March 2020 highlights
Randy Orton was slapped by Beth Phoenix (WWE)

However, Orton also came out and gave his twisted meaning of how he saved Edge’s life by ending his career now.

Orton even claimed that Phoenix was responsible for sending Edge back into the dangerous world of wrestling.

Phoenix slapped Orton and kicked him before she got an RKO.

Grade A

This was bound to happen as Orton continued his unhinged ways. His reason for attacking Edge made sense and it seems they could be set for a battle at WrestleMania.

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