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WWE Super Showdown 2020 results, winners, grades and reaction

WWE Super Showdown 2020 results, winners, grades and reaction: Goldberg shocks Bray Wyatt in Saudi Arabia

WWE Super Showdown 2020 results, winners, grades and reaction: Saudi Arabia got another special from WWE and Super Showdown certainly had some highlights to speak about.

There were some big matches and titles on the line with a few surprise results too. Of course, some belts were not up for grabs, but the show certainly had some great moments too.

The OC vs Viking Raiders

It was the Raiders that started off well before The OC (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) took over.

The Raiders then made a charge for the final assault but the heels picked up the win.

The OC beat Viking Raiders

Grade B

The match wasn’t advertised much before Super Showdown but the quartet put on a great show.

The pair have been fighting each other for a while and it was great seeing them get a run.

Surprise winner of Tuwaiq Trophy gauntlet match

Six men were in the running to win this gimmick trophy on Super Showdown 2020.

Truth was the star of the early going as he eliminated Bobby Lashley, then Andrade and Erick Rowan.

AJ Styles came walking out and easily got rid of the tired Truth. Styles was set to face the last man, Rey Mysterio, however, the 619 star was beaten down by the other members of the OC.

Just when you thought that the trophy was going to Styles, WWE pulled off a huge highlight.

The undertaker Royal Rumble
The Undertaker is one of the greatest in the history of the WWE (Image credit: AFP)

The Undertaker made an appearance and hit a chokeslam for the win.

Undertaker beats Styles, Truth, Rowan, Andrade and Lashley

Grade A

Everyone was a winner here. Truth looked good (even though Lashley and Andrade were buried). Styles was his best heel while the Undertaker gave the Saudi fans what they wanted.

SmackDown tag team battle

One title that was on the line on Super Showdown 2020. The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) were challenged by The Miz and John Morrison.

It was the heel pairing of Miz and Morrison that won the titles, thanks to some help from a steel chair.

Miz and Morrison beat New Day

Grade B

This was another great tag match after the first one of the day. Miz and Morrison are working well as a pair, and it will be interesting to see how this feud continues with New Day.

Family Feud

Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza faced off, once again, this time in Saudi Arabia.

The pair had met on the previous episode of Raw, and it was Garza who picked up the win. They stole the show on Monday and had another fantastic match on Thursday.

It seemed that Carrillo was going to make it 1-1 but Garza picked up another win over his cousin.

Garza beats Carrillo

Grade B

Both stars had some huge spots that got the crowd going and WWE seems to have hit a spot with the pair producing a lot of highlights from their short bouts.

Raw tag team battle

Seth Rollins and Murphy defended their tag titles against Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins (Street Profits).

In another see-saw battles, it were the champs that ended up with the win, courtesy a stomp from Rollins.

Rollins and Murphy beat Street Profits

Grade B

Another decent match on Super Showdown as the Street Profits gave the champs a run for their money.

Rollins and Murphy also look good as a pair, and they could dominate the Raw tag division for a while.

Homeboy wins

Saudi star Mansoor was next up on the show as he took on Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler made Mansoor look great in the match but the Showoff couldn’t get the win thanks to a Moonsault from the home town hero.

Mansoor beats Ziggler

Grade C

The match wasn’t anything more than giving the fans a boost. Ziggler made Mansoor look good and even pulled off a great promo at the end.

The Beast destroys

Ricochet was actually made to look good before facing Brock Lesnar on Super Showdown.

The match was for the WWE Championship but the Beast squashed Ricochet. Several suplexes and an F-5 later, Brock remained as the champion.

Lesnar beats Ricochet

Grade E

Ensuring Lesnar kept the title made sense but why did they squash Ricochet? The challenger got nothing from this while Lesnar looked incredible ahead of the WrestleMania bout against Drew McIntyre.

Corbin vs Reigns

This feud has been going on for months and we saw Roman Reigns take on King Baron Corbin in a steel cage.

The cage played a huge role in the match as both used it to their advantage. However, it was Reigns that got the win thanks to a superman punch, and some chains too.

Reigns beats Corbin

Grade C

Another result that was expected as Reigns gets a huge bump in Saudi Arabia. However, this rivalry is getting a bit old now, and something new has to come up for both.

Bayley vs Naomi

Both stars had to come out in restrictive clothing, as we had seen when Natalya faced Lacey Evans.

Bayley Naomi
Bayley faced Naomi at Super Showdown 2020 (WWE)

However, the pair put on a good show and it was Bayley that picked up the win and kept her title.

Bayley beats Naomi

Grade B

Given the nature and location of this bout, both women deserve credit for putting on a decent show. It could have been better if they wore their proper attire but this is another plus for WWE and Saudi Arabia.

The Fiend destroyed

Goldberg took on Bray Wyatt for the WWE Universal title, and The Fiend hadn’t been defeated since coming to WWE.

However, it was the Hall of Famer that destroyed The Fiend with several spears. He then pinned Wyatt with a Jackhammer as the match lasted a mere three minutes.

Goldberg beats Wyatt
Goldberg defeated Bray Wyatt to win the Universal title at Super Showdown 2020 (WWE)

Goldberg beats Wyatt

Grade C

This is how Goldberg works but it was shocking to see The Fiend defeated this easily.

Wyatt did continue his mysterious ways after the match, but this wasn’t really one of the highlights from WWE Super Showdown.

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