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WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction 24 February 2020: Major referee madness

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction: The final match of the night saw Kevin Owens face Randy Orton but all hell broke loose later on

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction: Randy Orton started off this show as he apologised for his actions that saw him hurt Matt Hardy and Edge.

WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction Randy Orton Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens faces off against Randy Orton (WWE)

Kevin Owens came out and called out Orton for his fake apology. The pair exchanged a lot of words and a match was set for later in the evening.

Grade B

I don’t really like opening segments which don’t feature a fight but this was a decent one from Orton and KO.

Both got the crowd going and an interesting match was set up for later in the night.

A family feud

Angel Garza took on his cousin Humberto Carrillo in an incredible match. Both superstars had some brilliant spots in the match as they kept the fans on their toes.

Garza hit a Spanish Fly but that didn’t work out. The pair also exchanged superkicks but to no avail.

Zelina Vega has been the manager for Garza, and her distraction led him to victory.

Garza beats Carrillo

Grade A

This was an excellent match between family members, and a family feud has been missing from the WWE, an actual one.

Garza looks great since making the jump from NXT and Carrillo is also doing extremely well in this feud.

Ricochet warms up for Super ShowDown

Ricochet faces Brock Lesnar for the title at Super ShowDown and faced a tough challenge in Luke Gallows.

Gallows used his size early on but Ricochet picked up the win via a super Shooting star press from the top rope.

Paul Heyman looked a little worried at the back while watching the match.

Ricochet beats Gallows

Grade B

Ricochet looked good, he has to ahead of Super ShowDown, and beat the much bigger Gallows with some ingenuity.

It will be interesting to see how he does against Lesnar though.

The Beast returns

Paul Heyman came out with Brock Lesnar and hyped his client ahead of the Ricochet fight.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar shows off his title ahead of Super ShowDown (WWE)

Heyman claimed Lesnar would retain the title and also teach a lesson to Ricochet, who caused the champ’s elimination from the Royal Rumble.

Grade A

Heyman is a beast on the microphone, and did it again ahead of Super ShowDown. Paul might be the best speaker on Raw.

He upped Lesnar, made Ricochet feel like a threat and also claimed his client would keep the title ahead of WrestleMania.

Black mass ahead

Aleister Black was attacked by The OC ahead of his fight against Erick Rowan.

That allowed Rowan to dominate for most of the clash as Black felt the effect of the attack. However, it was the Dutchman’s Black mass that landed the win.

Black beats Rowan

Grade A

Black looked like a broken man but somehow picked up the win. He also challenged AJ Styles to a match next week.

Truth vs Lashley

Truth is a gift to WWE and his comedic timing was perfect, again, despite losing to Bobby Lashley.

He tried to use an AA, a homage to his idol John Cena, but it was Lashley that got the W with a spear.

Lashley beats Truth

Grade C

The match wasn’t anything great but Truth was great with the mic before the clash. He will be in Saudi Arabia for Super ShowDown ahead of the Tuwaiq Trophy.

Lashley needed a win but it’s weird what WWE are doing with him.

Chamber madness

Shayna Baszler was a late comer to sign the contract for the Elimination Chamber match in march. Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Natalya, Asuka and Sarah Logan were already in the ring with Jerry Lawler.

A brawl broke out after Baszler came out with Becky Lynch also appearing later on.

Grade D

It’s not normal for six stars to sign a contract and it was expected that madness would ensue. However, this didn’t hit the spot, despite Asuka bringing her A-game onto the table.

Tag champs in action

It was Angelo Dawkins facing one half of the Raw tag champions, Murphy, after a great promo from the Street Profits.

Seth Rollins caused the DQ and he was then in action against Dawkins’ partner, Montez Ford.

It was Rollins that came up with the win this time after a tough match.

Dawkins beats Murphy

Rollins beats Ford

Grade B

This was a great showing for the Street Profits right from the promo to the action in the ring.

Rollins did his bit of being the heel and it will be interesting to see what happens when they face the Profits as they defend their titles.

Orton vs Owens

Owens started the brawl hot and took the early advantage. However, Rollins, Murphy and AOP came out to cause a distraction which gave Orton the upper hand.

There was more madness as the Street Profits and Viking Raiders came out to clash with the heels.

Owens tried taking advantage but Orton hit him with a DDT off the ropes, and was handed a quick three count by the referee.

The referee asked Rollins if he was fine and didn’t stop him from asking Orton to complete a con-chair-to to Owens.

Owens recovered as Orton ran and he got hold of the referee. It turned out he was wearing a Rollins Messiah shirt and was given a stunner by KO.

Rollins continued claiming that he had nothing to do with this as Owens celebrated to close out the night.

Orton beats Owens

Grade A

The finish will be talked about as the Monday Night Messiah gets more disciples under him.

Has Rollins infiltrated Raw this much? We will find out soon, and it was great seeing KO get the cheer from the home crowd in Canada at the end.

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