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Is Angel Garza engaged or married? WWE star flirts with presenter Charly Caruso

Angel Garza
Angel Garza with his girlfriend on NXT (Image credit: WWE)

Angel Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo on Raw recently but also decided to flirt with Charly Caruso

WWE seem to have found the next big star in Angel Garza, and he laid on the charm by flirting with Charly Caruso recently.

Garza has formed a team with Zelina Vega, especially after Andrade was suspended by the company.

The 27-year-old Garza made a name for himself on the Mexican circuit and then with Impact Wrestling and many other brands.

Zelina Vega
Zelina Vega has been beside Andrade for the duration of their careers at WWE (Image credit: WWE)

He decided to unmask himself before coming to WWE, and only signed for NXT in April 2019. He won the NXT Cruiserweight tile soon but also lost in 2020 before making his debut on Raw.

Garza started a feud with his cousin Humberto Carrillo and recently defeated the high-flyer.

However, what he did before the match got some people talking. Caruso was conducting an interview with Garza and Vega, and the wrestler decided to lay the charm.

He decided to flirt with Caruso, and the presented seems to have been smitten by the rising star.


Caruso had also hit at Garza a week back or so, and his charm certainly seems to be working on her.

However, Caruso could be set for heartbreak as Garza broke some great news during his time on NXT.

Angel Garza is actually engaged

After winning the title from Lio Rush, he called his girlfriend out and proposed to her.

The match against Rush at NXT was one of the highlights of his career in WWE, and he made it even sweeter by proposing to his girlfriend, and she said yes!

Many of the fans on NXT were pleased with the moment, and it seems he is set for a great future in WWE.

Garza is great in the ring, has charisma, the looks and an incredible move set too.

However, he has carried a playboy kind of image and questions have been asked about his relationship with Vega too.

Andrade, her previous client, is also set to return to WWE but Vega and El Idolo are not engaged or even seeing each other for that matter.

Angel Garza
Angel Garza with his girlfriend in last week’s NXT episode (Image credit: WWE)

The same goes for Vega and Garza too, and it will be interesting to see how the trio gets along together next week when Andrade returns.

Vega is married to WWE star Aleister Black and the Dutchman has been doing his bit on Raw.

Andrade, for his part, is engaged with women’s star Charlotte, and the pair have shared a lot of images on social media after their engagement.

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