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Throwback: Nadia Kassem fakes a glove touch and gets dropped by Ji-Yeon Kim

Nadia Kassem tried to take a cheeky swipe at Ji-Yeon Kim but was dropped with one single punch

UFC 243 saw Nadia Kassem fight in her backyard as she took on Ji-Yeon Kim in Australia.

The 24-year-old Kassem had a record of 5-1 in MMA and had fought all her bouts in Australia.

This would have been the perfect chance to bounce back from a loss to Montana De La Rose at UFC 234, but things didn’t go her way.

Nadia Kassem fakes a glove touch and gets dropped by Ji-Yeon Kim
Nadia Kassem (R) was defeated easily by Ji-Yeon Kim at UFC 243 (Getty)

Kassem also tried to cheap trick early on by faking a glove touch with her opponent. As the South Korean fell for that, the Australian kicked her opponent but it didn’t cause much harm.

Ji-Yeon, who was the more experienced fighter in the Octagon, then floored Kassem with one punch.

Karma must have been smiling as Kassem’s move early on was a little unsporting. However, the Australian got back up quickly and continued her fight.

Ji-Yeon ends up winning the clash

The South Korean used all her experience to pick up the win in the second round. The match was stopped after some punches to Kassem’s body, and this was the last fight for both in the UFC.

Kassem and Ji-Yeon haven’t fought since, and it will be interesting to see when they are back in action.

Many fans also called out Kassem after the fight and didn’t like her fake glove touch early in the clash.

The UFC has seem some different tactics taken up by their stars, but it is safe to say Kassem might not be thinking of repeating the fake glove touch again.

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