15 Iconic Photos Of Rachel Green From Friends That Prove She Was A Fashion Influencer Even In The 90’s

Friends might have ended nearly 16 years ago, but Rachel Green remains a style icon we can keep trying to emulate

Every member of the ‘Friends’ group had their own quirks that made them legendary in the households of many.

Apart from most of them having a funny bone, Joey will be remembered for his insatiable appetite, Monica for her OCD and Phoebe for “Smelly Cat”.

Rachel Green might have come across as a bit of a snob early on in the series and the show did centre around her relationship with Ross during the latter stages, but one thing was certain, she knew style with a capital ‘S’.

Jennifer Aniston became one of the greatest actors partly due to Friends, but also due to the style she showcased on the sitcom.

Rachel had this carefree attitude early on where she wasn’t always dressed in corporate attire and casual looks that are the rave now.

From short denims and just a coat to a full-on printed dress, she could rock anything and anywhere.

It was difficult to criticise even one outfit she wore unless the story needed it, and she rocked everything she wore.

There was the cheerleader look, which is now a hit in most parties and still is on Halloween.

Green also took things to the next level as she wasn’t afraid of being seen in baggy tracks, whether she was at home or outside.

Rachel also had a ton of different coats to highlight that she wasn’t afraid to mix things up. From a shocking purple one to a black and white, she still managed to carry all that without flinching one bit.

Even when she was a waitress at Central Perk, it didn’t matter that she wore a denim coat and short skirt, she still rocked it, with a lot of confidence.

Her birthday suit wasn’t much of an issue too when she turned the big “3-0”. A simple white plain T was enough, and frankly, that is what most of us crave to have in our cupboards.

She was already thinking of how to impress in a kimono and went with an all-black one during the episode where they brought in a stripper, and not a good one at that.

Clothes weren’t the only thing that made the iconic ‘Rachel Green’ look. The Friends character experimented with her hair too and often carried out simple bangs look while other times she went with a simple bun that went with everything she wore.


That kind of co-ordination went with her boots too. There were very few characters on TV during the 90’s who put on such long boots, even if she wasn’t outdoors.


During the latter stages of the show, she went for a simple look in several episodes but she could easily transition into the suits from the corporate world.

For all that she did during those glorious years on the show, Rachel became the darling of many and not only for her great ending with Ross.

She will remain as possibly the greatest style icon from TV during the 90s and frankly, there haven’t been too many characters who have been as stylish as Rachel since Friends ended.