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All the things you need to know about Broken Matt Hardy – What is Broken Matt Hardy, gifs, memes, and quotes

Broken Matt Hardy is WWE star Matt Hardy’s best gimmick in years

Matt Hardy developed a new persona while away from WWE with his ‘Broken’ gimmick.

The WWE star was part of TNA during the time when he debuted the ‘Broken’ gimmick, and it has become one of the greatest bits in recent years.

Jeff Hardy, his brother, was also part of TNA and the pair had been feuding for a while.

Broken Matt Hardy
Broken Matt Hardy is an incredible gimmick from WWE star Matt Hardy (Image credit: WWE)

What is Broken Matt Hardy?

In 2016, Matt came out with a streak of his hair bleached, his hair in a mess and speaking with a weird accent.

The former US, tag and ECW champion from the WWE became obsessed with his brother, who he referred to as Brother Nero.

Nero is Jeff’s middle name and Matt wanted to ‘delete’ his brother. The Broken star also faced off against his brother in a Final Deletion match which saw Jeff lose and relinquish the Hardy title.

When the pair were leaving TNA, there was a bitter battle regarding who would keep the gimmick.

TNA believed that they had part of the rights as Jeremy Borash helped develop the character. However, in 2018 the battle ended with the Hardys keeping all the trademarks related to the Broken gimmick.

The best gifs and videos of Broken Matt Hardy

The 45-year-old made a return to WWE and even won the tag team titles with Bray Wyatt. One of Broken Matt Hardy’s best gimmicks is calling out ‘delete’ which is said just before he finishes a rival.

Hardy also has used some crazy language and often says ‘wonderful’ to the fans.

The pair of Wyatt and Hardy were known as the Deleters of Worlds, and he even brought in the ‘Woken’ gimmick during this time.

Vanguard1 is also part of the gimmick, and the drone is often used to keep a track of what the Hardys are doing.

Matt and Jeff had become SmackDown tag team champions in April but had to give up the title too.

Jeff picked up a serious injury and Matt hasn’t been seen much in singles action.

The Broken one did come on a recent episode of SmackDown and has been seen in some special events, however, he has continued his gimmick on social media.

WWE Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy has even used his control in some of his videos (Image credit: WWE)

Hardy has shared videos on his YouTube page and his episodes are called ‘Free The Delete’.

The crazy world of Hardy isn’t for everyone but it is quite hilarious seeing how twisted he has become in recent years.

Matt has also brought his children Maxel and Wolfgang Hardy into some of the videos from his Broken universe too.

There have been some incredible gifs and memes also shared thanks to the Broken Matt Hardy in recent years.

Hopefully, we get to see more of Matt and Jeff in the ring soon, but until then, we have his craziness available on social media.

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