Naseem Shah age
There has been a lot of talk regarding what the age of Naseem Shah really is (Image credit: Getty)
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Childhood coach confirms Naseem Shah’s age is 16 after undergoing bone test

Naseem Shah has been tearing it up for Pakistan but his coach confirmed the pacer’s age to be 16

Naseem Shah seems to be the next big find for Pakistan cricket and he is just 16 years of age.

Well, that is according to his childhood coach Suleiman Qadir.

Shah picked up a wicket in the first Test against Australia in Brisbane, but couldn’t help Pakistan to a win in that clash.

Naseem Shah age
There has been a lot of talk regarding what the age of Naseem Shah really is (Image credit: Getty)

The hosts defeated the Asian side by an innings and five runs, and they aren’t in a great position in the second Test too.

The Aussies finished their first innings at 589/3 after declaring. David Warner top-scored with 335 Not Out and the away side are already 21/1 after 11 overs.

Shah wasn’t bowling in this match, but there have been questions regarding his age in the past.

Former India batsman Mohammad Kaif posted a clipping on Twitter from 2018 which claimed that Shah was more than 15.

The former India star also had a dig at Shah by suggesting that he was ageing backwards.

Shah is still 16

However, his former coach claims that isn’t the case and the youngster isn’t even 18 yet.

The coach added that the bowler had joined the academy at 16 and bone tests had confirmed he isn’t even close to 18 when speaking to the Asian Age (h/t Indian Express):

“I can guarantee you that he is 16 years of age. He came to our academy some 4 years ago and was twelve then”.

Qadir when on to describe the test and also how a smart card ensures that Shah isn’t 18.

“He has undergone Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) conducted bones tests and a panel of doctors had also confirmed his age. Yes, in the past I do agree that in the absence of birth-certificates the age of certain cricketers were questioned. But in the case of Naseem Shah, he already has a birth certificate and a smart card”.

“In our country Smart Card becomes a National Identity Card when a person crosses 18 and Naseem is still holding the Smart Card”.

Pakistan have always seen quality youngsters come through the team, especially pacers. However, they haven’t all gone to stay in the team for a long time.

Shah has played just once for the national team, and it will be interesting to see how things progress with him in the coming months.

Naseem Shah
Naseem Shah played for Pakistan in the first Test against Australia recently (Image credit: Getty)

Things don’t look good for Pakistan at the moment though.

The Asian side have had trouble with the consistency of their team in recent years and they are struggling in their current tour of Australia.

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