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Finn Balor unhappy with WWE after signing thousands of special DVDs



Finn Balor made a shocking return to WWE NXT recently as he distracted Tommaso Ciampa and allowed the Undisputed Era to beat several other stars.

The Demon King was out of action for a while and returned to NXT, which wasn’t expected by many.

The first Universal champion hasn’t been involved in the top title fights recently has also turned heel, and is bringing back the days of the Bullet Club.

Finn Balor
Finn Balor made his return to NXT (Image credit: WWE)

Balor continued his tirade, this time against the WWE, and was upset with the workload from the company.

The WWE tweeted about a signed copy of ‘For Everyone’, a special DVD related to Balor being sold on Amazon.

The Irish wrestler didn’t take too kindly to the extra work handed down by the WWE and tweeted his displeasure on the same.

Finn spoke about working on his honeymoon and also that he had to tweet about this special Amazon deal.

Balor turns a new leaf

The wrestler was a heel during his time in Japan but had always been a babyface in the WWE.

Balor is one of the best wrestlers to have come from NXT, but it was surprising that he wasn’t able to continue his push after relinquishing the Universal title with an injury.

The Demon King has had some great feuds with the likes of Bray Wyatt, but his return the NXT certainly is an interesting take.

Finn Balor attacks Matt Riddle
Finn Balor attacks Matt Riddle at NXT (Image credit: WWE)

Balor was involved in the last NXT episode too as he distracted Ciampa and allowed former Bullet Club member AJ Styles to take advantage.

The duo even shared signs from their Bullet Club time, but there wasn’t much to celebrate for Styles.

Adam Cole came out of nowhere to beat Styles and Ciampa, and it will be interesting to see what the NXT champion does during Survivor Series.

What next for Balor?

It will be interesting to see what Balor does in the coming days.

Raw, SmackDown and NXT have all invaded one another in recent weeks, and the Blue brand was hit hard by The Imperium too.

Imperium Heavy Machinery
Imperium attack Heavy Machinery on SmackDown (Image credit: WWE)

The NXT UK faction attacked Heavy Machinery in Manchester before other stars came out to fight.

Balor’s story still has some way to go as he hasn’t been booked for a big clash, however, NXT has always been better at story telling than Raw and SmackDown.

The Demon King was excellent during his first run in NXT, and he could revive his career with his heel turn too.

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